About TotteMe

“You can shine even more”

“Provide challenging opportunities for young people in the Philippines through IT”.
This is the mission of TotteMe.

In the Philippines, which has various social problems, not everyone can get a challenge opportunity even if they do their best. It is stopped by high university tuition fee, income that does not go up, work which you can not find even if they look for it. Everyone has talent and individuality, and it should be a society that can be active with them, however the current situation is not so.

What can we do? Let’s make a new challenge opportunity on our own. Because IT has the power to make new flow beyond existing interests. That is the beginning of this project “TotteMe”.

“Totte” means “Take picture” in Japanese. We decided to widely convey the beauty of the Filipino people to the world through the web media.

Young people with talent and skills who want to play an active part. And companies are hoping to make effective use of their talents and skills. TotteMe wants to make it a platform to connect them. I want to make it a platform that connects them, so that everyone can grasp the opportunity from scratch.

Because Filipinos are beautiful. Because Filipinos can shine even more. TotteMe would like to help you through this project.

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